CA state electrification project

EPRI examines the potential for efficient electrification including air quality impacts in California. More

Efficient Electrification NY

EPRI examines the economic potential for electrification of energy end-use in New York. More

MSU Collaboration on N2O Offsets Methodology

Insights for Company Climate Risk Assessment and Goal Setting - New EPRI study assesses climate 1.5⁰C and other newer global emissions scenarios and derives scientific principles for grounded methodologies. More

Electric utilities face unprecedented uncertainties from new environmental regulations and future energy and climate policies. Outcomes of these regulatory and policy actions will drive decisions about retrofitting plants with additional or new equipment or retiring them. Further uncertainty is added by changing fuel markets; increasing renewable resources; cost, performance, and availability of key generation and emission control technologies; uncertain economic and demand growth; and availability of capital. To meet these challenges, the Electric Power Research Institute’s (EPRI) Energy Systems and Climate Analysis program develops and applies modeling tools to provide public- and private-sector decision makers with fundamental insights regarding the cost and performance of policy alternatives, both for the electric sector and the overall economy.